Scypri is a CFRP plate cylinder innovative and intelligent for use in the flexographic printing industry

meeting for Scypri, CFRP plate cylinder

On November 25, 2014, the European Commission held a meeting in Minerbio to evaluate the project Scypri: “Smart Cylinders for Flexographic Printing Industry”. That is an evolution of CFRP plate cylinders

The project is coordinated by Reglass in collaboration with some SME (Small and medium enterprises), international partners, and with three research institutes (Cerict, Cnr-Imbc and the University of Bath). The initiative has gained funding from Europe, in the area of the Seventh Frame Program for Research.

Scypri is an innovative cylinder cliché in carbon fibre, for intelligent use in the area of flexographic printing. Inside it is integrated with a system of sensors that are transmitting – wireless and in milliseconds –  the vibratory behaviour of the roller to the machine control system. This enables it to modify (in real-time) the parametric in the processing guide and to immediately correct any eventual anomaly or malfunction. The results: higher speed in printing, a much better resolution, waste reduction and reduced processing times.