During 2014 Reglass, on behalf of Sismocell, organized some accredited seminars in the areas of seismic craters. It is a new tour that will cover the areas of  Piemonte, Tuscany, Romagna and Marche.


Seismic seminars promoters


In 2014 Reglass, on behalf of Sismocell,  promoted a series of seminars with didactic and educational purposes, accredited in collaboration with the Association of Engineers and Architects, and the Surveyor’s Provincial Collegium. A large number of professional structural engineers and project leaders participated.

Reggio Emilia, May 15th.  2014 – Earthquake and manufacturing: Avant-garde solutions to protect the territorial economy.

Ferrara, June 25th. 2014 – Security and improvement of seismic in prefabricated structures: the most recent technologies to protect the economic production in case of an earthquake.

Modena, October 2nd. 2014 – Earthquakes and protection of the territorial economynew technologies and avant-garde solutions for the improvement and the adequate seismic of the existing prefabricated buildings. 

Among the speakers: Claudio Mazzotti, Professor in Technology of construction, Faculty of civil engineering, chemistry, environment and materials (Dicam) – University of Bologna; Francesco Ottaviano, head of STUDIOTTAVIANO; Andrea Vittorio Pollini, Dicam, School of Engineering and Architecture – University of Bologna; Devis Sonda,  head of  Miyamoto International, Milan.

The meetings dealt with the theme of the securing of existing prefabricated structures, offering a panoramic view of some of the project solutions that, thanks to the use of new technologies and antiseismic devices, allow operations that are not invasive and efficient when it comes to guaranteeing the actual safety of our heritage.

The seminars have also been as an occasion to focus on the norms in practice, whereas the obligation is foreseen to obtain a seismic improvement that brings the existing structures to 60% of the security level necessary for new constructions.