The value of a shared dream

On November the 15th, in Tsukuihama Beach, Japan, the polish rider Maciek Rutkowski, won his first PWA Slalom Windsurfing World Championship title. The sail brand that helped him to this victory is CHS Windsolutions, an Italian brand located in Senigallia, Italy.

Reglass is also an Italian company, based in Minerbio, Italy; we produce advanced composite products for the windsurfing, fishing, yachting and skying markets. Most importantly, we produce the windsurfing masts for CHS Windsolutions and developed the race winning carbon masts that supported Maciek and the CHS team to this extraordinary victory. We are so proud to be part of this amazing result.

Like most successes in life, it has been a long journey. A five year project going through some big highs and some depressing lows. Our stubborn determination and commitment to constant improvements of the whole Team has made the dream come true.

To Maciek and the whole CHS Windsolution Group, to his Sail Designer and maker Claudio Badiali, his Team Manager Palmino Saraceni and to all the artisans that sew their sails in Senigallia, go our thank yous and compliments.

We share with CHS the tenacity to have been keeping the production in Italy and the same strive to improve every day through the search of new materials to bond with our long and unique experience in carbon technology then resulting in producing world class products. A passionate teamwork that can only be understood by people who live for sport and by passion.

World windsurfing Championship with Reglass Carbon Masts

One last bit of history. Reglass introduced the first carbon mast in the windsurfing world back in the late 90s when people only had spongy fiberglass or heavy aluminium masts. In an extraordinary coincidence exactly 18 years to the day of Macieks’ victory, Reglass helped another rider to get another exceptional result. On the 13th of November 2004 in the French beach of Sainte Maire de la Mer, a rider broke the world sail speed record with a windsurf at a speed of 46,82 knots. That rider was Finnian Maynard who made the slalom board on which Maciek won the 2022 PWA Slalom crown on. We also thank Finnian that together with us wrote this awesome page of history of this sport.

Long live the wonderful sport of windsurfing!