Carbon composite roller
Carbon composite roller

Converting carbon rollers

The carbon rollers for converting are applied to all machines for the processing of plastic film, paper, tissue and nonwoven materials. Carbon rollers are optimal in this field, ensuring efficiency and speed, while avoiding vibrations which, for these systems, must be very stiff and light. The critical speed of the roller, together with a reduced arrow under the tension of the film, is essential to ensure a high working speed for the system.

One often finds that for lights of more than 2.5m only carbon fibre and Reglass technology are able to ensure the weights, stiffnesses and critical speed adequate for the demands of high productivity. It would be unthinkable with the use of other materials.


Reglass builds converting rollers with diameters up to 420mm and lengths up to 6m.

A comparative example between an aluminium product and a carbon composite Reglass roller

Rollers performance comparaision