Carbon fiber Shaft
Carbon fiber Shaft

Carbon fibre shaft

Carbon fibre shafts are suited to the winding and unwinding of coils with cores, in all processes of converting. They can also be used for multiple coils, provided they have widths greater than 200mm. They have the advantage of weighing much less than their corresponding steel models, and can easily be moved about by one person, with substantial benefits to productivity.

The body of the expanding shaft is made of high strength carbon and produced with Wrapping technology. It is the only technology that allows for maximum compactness of fibres to obtain the best performance from the composite materials. The surface coating is always carbon fabric, ensuring extremely high resistance to wear and tear. The metal ends of the shaft are characterized by a special joining system of metal-carbon. The modular design allows it to adapt to machines made to customer design.

The shafts can be supplied in two versions: the first for heavy loads and the second for high speeds with loads substantially reduced.

The standard diameter is 3″, the table lengths are from 800 to 2.500mm and greater.