Because research and technological innovation serve to build the future and to make progress

The Reglass’s research focuses on composites, carbon fibre and resins.

Reglass has reached one of the highest levels of know-how and of realizing quality on the global market. Approximately  8% of produced turnover is being reinvested in research and development. It’s study activities are:

  • research on new materials,
  • elimination of defects in proceedings,
  • improvement and innovation of products.

One particular highlight is the projects developed through collaborations with Universities, Cnr, and regional and international laboratories that have consented – in partnership with big enterprises – to adopt innovative solutions in the areas of the aerospace, naval and automotive industry.

In its own laboratories the company has developed several composite materials with diverse typologies of fibres and resins and is carrying out continuous research to improve the quality, functions and application range through the use of nanomaterials, nanocoatings, ceramic and metal wrappings, new fibre typologies, metal composite conjunctions, and several other inventions.

Reglass has 22 patents and is included in the list of the laboratories certificated by Miur (the Italian Ministry of Higher Education and Research).

Fiber section
Fibre section
Organic matrix thermosetting
Organic matrix thermosetting
Carbon fiber view at microscope
Microscopic fibre