Because the security of manufacturing guarantees people wellness and saves human lives

On May 20th and 29th 2012 a big earthquake devastated Northern Italy. Six provinces were hit by the seismic waves: Bologna, Modena, Reggio Emilia, Ferrara, Mantova and Rovigo.

Apart from the loss of human life and the damage to historical buildings and residencies, the economy of the whole area was deeply struck. This seismic vulnerability emerges and is highlighted when it comes to prefabricated industrial constructions, in particular when beams and pillars are only leaning between them. Numerous collapses and the great damage of this kind extended the negative effects on the manufacturing industry.

Sismocell came to life based on the idea, the intuition, of creating a particular combination of steel and carbon fiber, and to apply it so as to develop an effectively antiseismic device.

It is a cylinder controlled plastic cell that mounts in correspondence between beam-pillars on prefabricated structures. Apart from constituting a connection between them, it also, among certain limits, consents to amortize the quakes, through a dissipative effect in fusion. This marks the entrance of Reglass in the building sector.

Sismocell system