• Carbon fiber mandrel
  • Avant gard technologies for fishing and industrial products
  • carbon fiber shaft with high standard performance
  • carbon fiber masts for winsirfing

What we do

Reglass uses carbon fibre to realize composite sheets impregnated with resin, and with these, it produces tubular products with very high performance.

What we do

What is carbon fibre

Carbon fibre is of a filiform structured material that is used to produce a large diversity of composites. Features: high mechanical resistance, low density, a very low coefficient of thermic expansion and good fireproof properties.

Reglass and carbon fibre


December 5, 2019

Carbon fibre composites: which is its use?

To produce the carbon fiber,¬†Carbon is needed. It is a chemical element with atomic number equal to 6, meaning its atom has 6 protons and 6 electrons. The most common isotope has mass equal to 12 UMA, i.e. its nucleus contains 6 neutrons…

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